Beast Player Erin 3

Some political intrigues are in development… The ending was sad T_T

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3 thoughts on “Kemono no Sou-ja Erin – Episode 3

  1. I wasn’t interested in this at first but those screenshots changed that. It’s not as detailed or polished as seirei, but it’s very charming in its simplicity. I especially like the landscapes and the way small masonry structures “meld” into the surrounding site. Very tectonic, obviously lot more creative and intriguing than your standard buildings in anime. The second screencap I noticed is also very beautiful, what is that of?

    Anyway, thanks for the screens.

  2. Well the problem with the political part was when I could hardly understand much of Damiya’s conversation, but otherwise, he seems to have some hidden motives, though I was consistently thinking throughout the show whether or not he was either homo- or bisexual. -_-

    That aside, we are shown Erin’s budding ability to talk to Touda at least, so we are also getting some headway. Next episode looks to be more about her and her mom again, along with Saju’s family development.

    Also, Wadan is a wuss.

  3. Gaguri,

    Indeed, the artwork is charming 🙂 Yes, the structures fit nicely with nature.

    Every episode of Erin starts with the state of the world. Think Lodoss Tou Senki. Support of the king by an army of Toudas (those scary lizards) ensured prosperity so far. However, there is another force of flying creatures. It seems that Erin will be able to communicate with both of them, but she might be later affiliated with those flying creatures as seen in the opening sequence.

    You are welcome, I enjoy taking screens for this anime 🙂

    – – –


    I also couldn’t understand everything. Well, he is Idris type 😛

    The next episode will be quite interesting. It looks like Erin went searching for the cure, but got lost and some people picked her up.

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