As I reported previously, Genius Party Beyond is a second part of the animated film collection created by some of the best Japanese directors. Last time I posted about Koji Morimoto’s Dimension Bomb featuring Yoko Kanno in her debut as a seiyuu. Mahiro Maeda‘s Gala depicts a concert that facilitates physical and spiritual growth in an incredible world.

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2 thoughts on “Genius Party Beyond: Gala

  1. I thought it was quite funny because after the hoo-haa you realize that it was just a fermenting seed. XD But it would be cool if that was real!

    1. What are you saying it is real! 😛 Haven’t you seen all those beasties in your flower pot? 😛

      There are several layers of the story that a spectator might extract, but that depends on what direction you want to go. That’s a beauty of the film that are more open to interpretation 🙂

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