Kuroshitsuji 2 (Monoshitsuji, 黒執事Ⅱ) Episode 1

Day into light
Sugar into salt
Living into dead
Dark blue into golden

Golden into black…

Oh wow, what an impressive episode! I am speechless! I just can’t believe all this trolling they’ve created!

The episode was packed with events, featuring an emotional roller-coaster. I felt very sad for Alois because he had such a hard life… He was kidnapped and worked as a slave in a closed village, and that horrible person abused him… Yet seconds later I hated him for his cruelty and apathy to his maid. Poor woman… T_T

On a technical side, I enjoyed music and cast. Taku Iwasaki continues to impress, as usual, and Nana Mizuki’s performance fits her role well. The directing seem to be much worse, compared to the first season, but it is not too bad.

Of course, the most exciting part of the episode involved tea 😛 Phrankenhive forever! 😛 It it very exciting to see Ciel’s revival, and re-appearance of the other characters form the first season 🙂 The second episode seem to be focused entirely on Ciel, but I anticipate some conflict between two masters and butlers later in the series. It is obvious who is better though. How can you even compare? Sebastian and Ciel are on an entirely different level 🙂

Some related news:

According to Neowing, the DVD of Kuroshitsuji II will include unaired episodes “Ciel In Wonderland”. The first part will be released on October 27th bundled with the limited edition of the DVD volume 2. (Source)

Kuroshitsuji 2 Avatars

Explanation by Yana Toboso (Manga Author)

When the second season was announced on January 31st last winter, she received tremendous numbers of messages from the fans. The majority of the messages were criticisms against the absence of Ciel and Sebastian from the second season. “How dare you desert the fans, who have been waiting for the two?” “If you don’t have affections for your characters, you don’t deserve to be the author!” She and the producers had expected the bitter reactions because they intensionally hid Ciel and Sebastian from the announcement. In the first season, director Shinohara chose to bring the revenge of Ciel to an end and Toboso had approved it. The overwhelming enthusiasm of the fans had given the green light to the second season after that. Toboso asked the producers not to reset the finale of the first season. To meet two conflicting conditions: “We must not revive Ciel easily” versus “We want to show the two once again”, she had been vigorously working on the scenario for half a year with other staff. In conclusion, they had created a new rival pair, Alois and Claude. With an intension of showing them “big” and dominant, Alois and Claude were placed in the main of the key illustrations and the trailer and Sakurai Takahiro and Mizuki Nana were assigned to them. Toboso said that the aim of the tricky announcement will be understood if you watch the series to the end (Thanks to Shiroth, Source).

Scene after the ED! (Spoilers!!!)

Awesome scene with wonderful music 🙂

That song is so sad T_T

AMV that highlights Alois’ background

Alois shows Lady GaGa his teeth 😛

10 Reasons to Love Alois Trancy

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58 thoughts on “Kuroshitsuji 2 – Episode 1

  1. Omg…I have go watch it!!
    I’m sooooooo happy they did include them!! I shall come back (lol sorry you’ll have to deal with me XP)and totally discuss this with all the fan ppl! =D
    I can already tell you with out even watching that I agree that they don’t compare with Sebastian and Ciel, they are untouchable!

  2. Where to begin!
    Lets see, I can agree, the music is great! I guess it doesn’t surprise me after getting Black Box =]
    I can’t say I like Alois…I do feel bad for his him, didn’t deserve what he went through, but that doesn’t excuse his sadistic nature toward the maid, I really really didn’t like that, so that right away turned me away from really sympathizing much. I hardly actually squeal, but Sebastian has something to him that just makes me do it lol the second I saw it was his time to come in I couldn’t stop squealing I’m almost embarrassed to admit it..almost XD
    Their fight was massively entertaining, I don’t’ know if I’m the only one who loves Sebastian this much but seeing him return made me super happy, I feel silly. I cannot wait for the next episode, it was such a cute voice over of Sebastian at the end, and he’s right, if there’s a butler to talk about it’s him lol It made me a bit nostalgic and sad to see Ciel like a little doll in the trunk, if that makes any sense!
    I like that even within the episode he mentioned Alois to be a copy cat, which I think is how many of us were feeling, dreading the fact that it wasn’t Ciel and Sebastian coming back, but I’m very pleased to see them at least here in these first episodes, and I would love it if the series focused on their rivalry, back story for the Butlers perhaps? And Sebastian’s comment on it being to early to say he’s one hell of a butler, loved it.
    Oh my..Sorry to have left such a long comment, I couldn’t help my self, I’m super excited to see Sebastian and Ciel again.
    Thanks for the post, if it wasn’t for it I wouldn’t have found out so soon!

    1. Yes, Alois has been significantly traumatized by childhood experiences and that in turn affected his personality. He needs to seek some professional help.

      haha Yes, Sebastian appearance was quite impressive! You are definitely not alone – many people are happy to see Sebastian again 😀 I can’t say that I actually squealed, but I smiled was relieved that Sebastian will be present at least in one episode of the series 🙂

      Yes, it was quite sad to see Ciel like this, but it is all fine now! 🙂

      Probably, there will be some rivalry between the factions 🙂

      haha Sebastian is just that good! He wouldn’t say things too early 🙂

      Oh, comments of any length are good! 🙂 Feel free to express your opinions here 🙂

      You are welcome!

  3. I have yet to watch the episode, but the art looks as nice as before. Yay, Ciel and Sebastian makes a reappearance! Looking forward to see a clash between Sebby and Claude. 🙂

  4. OMFG

    I picked the right time to check back at your site! It’s like Kuroshitsuji 1 + Gankutsuou! Must go watch … be back!

    1. Great timing! You must have that special extrasensory perception! Are you a demon by any chance? 😛

      Yes, there are some similarities with Gankutsuou 🙂

  5. I’m curious about your opinion of Claude as a demon butler?
    He’s attractive, but not better than Sebastian, though they have similar facial design, I always loved Sebastian’s bangs =]
    As for his personality, I didn’t like it admittingly, he doesn’t have the charm that Sebastian carries, he’s way to serious for me lol. I think that helped Sebastian as well, he’s constantly playful, so when he showed any scowl you knew it was serious!

    1. I don’t like Claude that much – he is a very cold demon, and I don’t find him attractive. Sebastian is almost perfect in terms of voice, looks, and personality, but he is a demon after all.

      1. I thought so as well, Sebastian is one of the best characters I’ve ever come across. I did become very fond of Daisuke Ono =3 and I loved his playfulness with Ciel as well as with other characters. Ciel as well, Alois cannot compare to him.
        I can’t wait for the next episode. Will you be covering the series?

        1. Yes, Sebastian is great, and Daisuke Ono is one of my favorite seiyuu.

          Although Ciel also had a traumatic past, he has a much stronger character than Alois.

          Ah, will I be covering the series is a good question. I loved the first season and covered all episodes, but I am not sure about this one. Life is very busy now, and I find the directing and art somewhat weaker compared to the first season. I guess my decision will depend in part on the demand and popularity of the series: if many people request for me to cover it, I’ll do it. Otherwise, I would refer you to my friend who also covered the first season and might cover the second one.

  6. OMG! OMG! OMG! Never expected that SebbyxCiel would come out in this season’s series. O.O I sooooo cannot wait to watch to tell my friends about this and buy the DVD! Damn, I’m so hyped up! But not because of just Sebby and Ciel and the old characters but the tyrant Alois and miss pitiful maid Hannah. Poor girl…

    And how small is Ciel anyway? I haven’t watched the first episode yet but was he really in that trunk?

      1. haha,lol! Funny picture. Yeah, must’ve been troublesome for him. But the thought of Ciel getting crumpled in a trunk like that I really don’t think that he was at all comfortable.

        1. He was not quite alive, so I bet he was comfortable 😛

          Just imagine this. Ciel is peacefully ascending to hell heaven… almost there…. and… Sebastian pulls him back – what a disappointment! 😛

    1. Same! I didn’t even expect Sebastian and Ciel to be in this at all, honestly as much as I am not attracted to Claude I dislike his looks, hehe(sorry) . When I first saw Alois being so cruel to the maid, I thought (if there’s a lot more of this) I might just stop watching. >_<" Can't handle these things. ahaha I'm so weak =P I lovedd Sebastian's entrance ;D I'd say I liked the parts after the middle-ish th best ;D Pretty decent episode 😉

  7. Impressive 1st episode indeedo! 😀
    I loved how everyone of the KS Seiyuu played along with the Studio in fooling the fans at large. Ono D was sombre and sad at the Red Valentine event when Sakurai was introduced as the new butler… oh how I chuckle when I recalled that bit after seeing the 1st episode. Well played indeed.

    I don’t dislike Alois at all. I find the brat to be one interesting character. Let’s see what the writers will do with his character development. And Claude, can’t really say much beyond his awesome tap dancing table setting until they delve a bit more into his relationship with Alois and of course, Sebastian. Looking fwd to see how everything progresses from hereon.

    1. That must be one of the most pervasive and well-coordinated trolls ever! Can you beat that, Kawamori? 😛

      Yes, Claude has some awesome tap dancing and table setting skills, but he is not very good at cooking 😛

      On, I predict many doujinshi with Alois x Ciel, Sebastian x Claude, or other permutations of the four lol

      1. yep ^^ but it makesme wonder @_@ how did alois get a hold of ciel’s ring? xD guess i will have to wait and see :3 p.s the triplets are kinda scary looking O.o

        1. I am not sure about the Ciel’s ring, we’ll have to see.

          Well, what can you do, they are short on demons in hell – have to resort to cloning 😛

  8. I updated the post with explanations by Yana Toboso about the second season of Kuroshitsuji. Well, it looks like she is even better than Kawamori 😛

    1. I read that on her blog and totally respect her for what she & the producers had to endure before the reveal. Glad that they stuck with the secret till the very end. She can breath easy now and guffaw at the fan reactions everywhere. 😀

  9. wow. that’s what happens when one “slackens” the anime-watching pace…….that’s mizuki nana?? I’m quite impressed, never ever expected her to be able to pull off “demented” personalities.

  10. I was SO HAPPY when I saw Sebastian ❤
    my heart went even more insane at the sound of his sexy voice, every move of his was totally amazing!

    and then when I saw Ceil in the trunk my mind went blank, I always thought he was gone, and that's why I love the manga more ❤

    the new butler and master are FAKE!
    didn't like them one bit ): wish for the show to bring more Sebby and Ceil 😀

    and Alios is a crazy kid, treating the maid this way!
    Ceil is 10000000000 times better than him with Sebastian, compared to his copy-cat butler.
    the spider thingy was disgusting, Sebastian crow is awesome!

    they should've made a season two featuring the manga!

    1. Many people are happy about the re-appearance also 🙂

      haha Well, Claude has some room for improvement in his culinary skills, but at least he is a good table-setter 😛

      Yes, Ciel and crow are much better 🙂

      Manga will be in season three 😛

  11. I have to say that I am a big CielXSebbie fan! Very Excited that Ciel is Back! Have to say though that the sadistic side of Alois is very appealing! BTW do you know the song that is played when Alois is crying to Claude telling him not to leave him? Very pretty song! 😛

    1. Yes, it is very exciting!

      Oh, you like to play hard, eh? 😛

      I love that song, but don’t know the name. Just like with the first season, I expect to hear many excellent compositions, but their names may remain a mystery for a while till the OST release.

  12. I had not been expecting the appearance of Sebastian and Ciel at all until the “cloaked man” rang the doorbell. Then, I instantly knew it was Sebastian. I mean, that hairstyle, it’s very distinct.
    I also had been expecting this season to tank a bit. I was very unsure if I should watch it or not. However, I am incredibly glad I did watch it. Alois is AMAZING, his character is so insane. ❤ I love it. I love HIM. I thought he was just going to be some skanky wuss boy in booty shorts (Which he is, but he's more than that too LOL… ). Now I can proudly say that I hope to cosplay Alois for PMX10 this year. I have never wanted to cosplay any character so badly in my life.
    Claude is also a pretty badass dude. I thought he would be a clone of Will T Spears with Sebastian-like traits. ….And he is, but it worked surprisingly well for him.
    MY FAVORITE SCENES were probably when Claude was buttoning Alois's shirt, and Alois undid two buttons (Oh, Alois, my darling, you're such a whore<3). Also the scene when Alois started dancing and then shouted "Ole!" LOL. Best thing ever.
    I am greatly anticipating the rest of the season. The second episode better come out soon, I've just been rewatching the first episode over and over. ❤
    -ends rant now-

    1. Yes, that was a great moment when Sebastian appeared! 🙂

      ahaha See, some people do love Alois!

      Good luck in your cosplay, but I hope you’ll not pull out any of the eyes of the poor bystanders 😛

      haha Yes, those scenes are great! The Alois scene where he tries to make Claude angry felt reminiscent of a similar scene in Kurosawa’s Akahige. Well, it does look like Alois is better at dancing than Ciel 😛

      I’ve just been re-watching the crazy table-setting-tap-dancing scene over and over again 😛

    1. LOL! Just watched it and I wasn’t really feeling the laughter at first but as I got to the end, damn funny man.

  13. Ohhhh my ^w^ Where so start….okay,I love Alois to bits and pieces,but my friends think he’s weird because apparently him and I are alike…anyway~ I love the art,the music,and I am sooo glad to see the return of our beloved Ciel and Sebby. I must say though,I rather hate Claude…he’s just far to creepy for me. No matter how much I like Alois though,Ciel and Sebby shall always hold a special place in my heart…~Queen(alois)Nancy Trancey lost his fancy pantsy so he took the chansy and did a little dancy..O-LAY~

    1. It sounds like you really like Alois! 🙂 Claude is too cold in my opinion.

      ~Queen(alois)Nancy Trancey lost his fancy pantsy so he took the chansy and did a little dancy..O-LAY~

      ahahaha XD

  14. I, like everyone else here, began watching this episode thinking that Ciel and Sebastian were completely out of the picture and being all, “… meh, I’m gonna hate it but I’ll watch it anyway” about this season. 10 minutes in, the new characters were already growing on me and I was starting to get a little curious and invested and then, BAM! SEBASTIAN RETURNS! ALL IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD. So perfect.

    I love looooove where they seem to be taking this season. And that episode was near perfect. And for the record, I’m digging this Alois kid. He had me going from apathetic to sympathetic to amused to horrified and back to amused and then fond all at breakneck speed. Can’t wait to see what he does next. Claude, I’m iffy on, but I can tell I’ll warm up to him. Super looking forward to having four main characters to be interested in this season!

  15. What about the manga? I heard that the anime left off the manga around the curry incident, but, do you know if Alois and Claude are canon material and that the show will pick back up where the manga left off, or that this is going to be an entirely new arc/storyline?

    1. I don’t think they will follow the manga exactly, at least not for now, but they may take some material as they see fit. As the author mentioned, the two new characters were created for this season primarily.

  16. ….Alois interest me so much! I liked him until I saw how he treats Hanna…*sighs* I don’t know what Yana Toboso was thinking but that kinda extreme cruelty ruined my affection for Alois awesome flambouyancy and cool/quick mood changes!
    Wasn’t really expecting Sebastion or Ciel to appear so early…and I’m looking forward to why Ciel was killed or eaten by Sebastion (though I think Sebby is fond of serving him and may even think of Ciel as a friend or something of that sort).

    1. I think Alois is an interesting character, but I feel pity for him… He had a difficult past, but that does not excuse him from his cruel actions. He just needs some help from professionals…

  17. Of course the major turn off of Alois was his nature towards the maid. It seems that he had a horrible background but that doesn’t excuse his behavior. Honestly, I was beyond ecstatic when I saw the stranger at the door and for some reason I automatically assumed it was Sebastian for which I was happy I was correct! Seeing him made me squeal. haha. I’m still confused as to whether or not Ciel and Sebastian will make a comeback or will it be about Alois and Claude. Hopefully it’s both of them! I’m pretty sure if Sebastian and Ciel aren’t in it, I’m not going to enjoy watching this series.

  18. I for one really like Claude and Alios. And I don’t really blame him for how he behaves either. I mean, we already had the smart ass whiner, and now we have the demented creeper child. It’s all the keep the show interesting. And to be honest…..I do sorta like the new better then the old. Ceil really had no sense of fun. And even though most Of Alios’ fun was demented, I did kinda see a bit of normal, childish fun in there after Claudes dance. I also like Claude more cause he doesn’t creep me out as much as sebby did.

    Other then that, I spazzed when I saw sebby. I double spazzed when I saw Ciel, bard, finny and the glasses chick…..then I let out a groan of disappointment when I saw Lizzie. either way..WOOHOO FOR KUROSHITSUJI!!

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