Fire Emblem Heroes Tactics

Weapon Triangle

Sword > Axe > Lance > Sword

Red > Green > Blue > Red

Mages and Hammers > Armored units > Melee

Pegasus Knights and Healers resist magic

Archers > Flyers

Falchion (Lucina, Chrom) > Dragons


The above videos demonstrate quite nicely the damage calculations. However, you don’t have to do all the calculations yourself every time because the game actually tells you exactly how much damage you’ll deal, and how much damage you’ll receive. No randomness and critical hits in battle is a wonderful thing!

Press on your unit, move it onto another unit, see the damage number in the header above, move it back if you are unsatisfied.  However, the calculations may be useful if you are trying to bait an opponent and want to make sure you’ll survive your attempt.

Exploiting the AI

Get into a habit of turning on aggro zone at the start of each battle (middle button).

In almost all cases, it is advantageous to aggro an opponent and wait for them to attack. Then you’ll counter-attack in most cases, and finish them on your next turn.

This works particularly well with Lucinia vs Hecktor: get in his range, he’ll attack, you counter, then you attack and finish him. If you attack first, you may not be able to survive.

AI will move toward your healer. Use this to position your units for color and weapon advantage. This is especially important on maps with unusual or split layout. More generally:

  • Enemy AI will move towards their color advantage (axe wielders will chase your lancers, etc.)
  • Enemy AI Prioritizes kills, then highest damage, then lowest damage, then pursuit/destroying barriers.

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