Hanasakeru Seishounen 10

Time to figure out who is whose relative! 😛

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Finally, we are seeing the prologue of the story. I actually read the manga for that part and found it quite interesting to compare the versions.

Anime is taking its time, whereas manga is much more fast paced. Anime makers seem to be doing a good job at the adaptation by elaborating on the story.

I was still a little confused about the relationships, but genealogy is much more clear now.

Warning: Possible spoiler ahead!

Catherine + Mahati = Harry
Harry + ? = Kajika
Harry + ? = Li Ren

Mahati + ? = Rumati’s Father
Rumati’s Father + ? = Rumati

Thus, as we expected, Kajika is related to Rumati through his grandfather. Also it appears that Li Ren and Kajika are, at least, half-siblings.

Check out manga excerpts from the prologue

2 thoughts on “Hanasakeru Seishounen Episode 10: Grandpas

  1. Huh? @ Harry + ? = Li Ren
    Nah, that’s not what Kajika means. Fred ask her about the possibility of Li Ren as a husband candidate and Kajika answered that she sees Li Ren as a brother, not as a husband. She always treats him like an onii-chan she never had. They’re not related in anyway. So it appears that Li Ren’s chances of being a candidate is slipping away cos it’s hard for Kajika to see him beyond the image she had of him since their childhood days.

    1. Oh, I got a sense that Kajika stated that as a matter of fact. She said, “He is my precious brother,” rather than “like a brother,” but I see how it can be interpreted that way. Thinking back, if I recall correctly, she did not refer to him as a brother before, so as you say, she meant brother in a figurative way 🙂

      Well, Kajika is still trying to figure out different kinds of love, so we’ll see how it will turn out – I wouldn’t discount Li Ren yet 😉

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