Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List

What is your goal?

First, you have to determine why you need a Tier list.

Do you want to select characters to focus on and level?

Do you want to excel in Arena?

These are very different questions. Let us address them separately.

I just want to select a decent team from the options I have available


If there is only one article you could read on the topic, consider this

Once you understand the basics, think about the units you have, their strengths, and synergy. I like this page on the official Fire Emblem Heroes wiki because it gives you a rough idea about the relative standing of the heroes, as well as a short summary. However, do go to each individual character page and read all their skills – individually weak units may have wonderful synergy in a team!

Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List (Official Wiki)

This list is based on Japanese lists from GameWith website. Another good website is game8.

I want to be the very best, like no one ever was in Arena!

I wish you well in this endeavor, but keep in mind that most top ranked players are whales with four +10 characters (that means they merged 11 gold characters to boost their attributes), playing most games at high rank can be very boring because of meta, and you need around 4600 points to be in top 100.

The best English language Arena Tier Lists I found:

The original version got deleted, the above two links are a mirror version and another one re-posted by one of the team members writing the original guide. One version might be more current than another – I’d go with the original editor re-post. Below is the original Reddit post.

Source, Artist

Most importantly, don’t be a sheep. Read these guides, get informed, learn the game, and find your own tactic! The most fun I had in the games I played over the years was constructing anti-meta teams! Have fun!

Further Reading


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